Lettmann LCS 70

Size: 198 cm with adjustable 10 cm in length and feather
Style: Bent Shaft
Sale price$750.00


Ergonom Pro WW LCS 70


For many decades our Ergonom Pro WW proved itself to be one of the sturdiest paddles on the whole wide market. Not only does it have premium propulsion and is super durable but it also provides great handling as the blade is stabilized underwater due to its ergonomic shaft. In combination with the blades' foam core the ergonomic shaft supplies a hydrodynamic lift, that also supports when performing the eskimo role. 

Technical Detail:

Shaft and blade are being produced in one heat, meaning the blades won't have to be glued on, which could result in faults and problems. The blades' foam core provides an enormous bending stiffness making the blades incredibly durable. The surrounding aramid edges minimize abrasion and guarantee more impact strength. Profiled blades make paddle stroke super efficient, as they provide a hydrodynamic lift stabilizing the blade underwater..

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