Lettmann Nitro

Size: 198 Base + 10 cm
Blade Size: Large
Sale price$750.00

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Anyone familiar with our philosophy knows that a paddle without an ergonomic shaft is a waste of energy. The reason for this is that the blade is moved forward due to the ergonomic shaft, the pressure point moves in front of the traction point (the hand) and the paddle can be moved through the water with less fluttering and thus less loss. In addition, the positive pull distance becomes longer.
Now, many years after the introduction of the forward pressure point, we have answered the call of those who absolutely don't want to hold an Ergonom shaft in their hands, for whatever reason, and have done our best to introduce our new "Straight-Shaft- Paddle” to miss almost the same positive properties as our ergonomist.
To do this, we put the blade forward, which allows us to achieve a larger front pull on the new Nitro. The pressure build-up is better and more even, the pressure point moves forward and the typical flapping of a straight paddle is reduced to a minimum.
Of course, the new paddle also works according to the principle of the "hydrodynamic lift". This also stabilizes the blade in the water and, with a reduced blade area, ensures better, more even and more efficient pressure build-up. The hydrodynamic lift is achieved through the strongly profiled blade in combination with the forward pressure point.

The new Nitro is the rediscovery of the straight shaft - and almost as good as a Lettmann ergonomist!

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